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The Aquillius Family is a proud and noble family with a rich roman history, and was said to have originated from the Etruscan civilization-  (a powerful, wealthy and refined civilization of ancient Italy, in the area corresponding roughly to Tuscany civilization of ancient Italy around 800 b.c..), making them one of the oldest families in Rome. Two of the Aquillii are mentioned among the Roman nobles who conspired to bring back the Tarquins-  (a noble roman family know for being the kings of Rome.), and a member of the house, Gaius Aquillius Tuscus, is mentioned as consul as early as 487 BC. and helped to bring them to power.  

Working with the Tarquins, they were able to have a great number of accomplishments in Rome among a few are, the temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus on the Capitoline Hill, parts of the hippodrome, and also the building of the Cloaca Maxima.  All these great accomplishments brought great power and wealth to the Aquillius Family, giving them ownership over vast amounts of land, which contained, countless mines of gold, silver, gems and marble quarries. 

Having all this wealth and power they were able to set up relations with other towns and people to set up trade and business with, but even with all their wealth and power they were revered by all the citizens they helped feed and shelter.

In the end the famed family returned to there original home but found it in ruins.  Working together they built their estate back up and now settle there and continue to help there fellow citizens and participate in all the city has to offer.

Gaius Aquillius Tuscus -

           Sons: Gaius Cassius Varro Aquillius 

                     Derek Lyons Aquillius and

                     Mortuus Tuscus Aquillius
            Gaius Cαѕѕιυѕ Varro Aquillius (Left Romanum)

                       Sons: Leo Verus Aquillius,

                                 Jupiter Gaius Aquillus – (Zachary) and  

                                 Cosmos Lux Aquillius

            Derek Lyons Aquillius

                       sons: Ethan Antonius-Aquillius

                                 David Tertius Aquillius

            Mortuus Tuscus Aquillius

                       Sons: Trevi Spore

                                 Alexus Aquillius

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