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As a child, Hayt Artorius Aurelius lived in Britannia under the Roman occupation of his country. The Gallic wars were long past and he and his kinsfolk lived at peace with their conquerors.  Seeking to earn a name for himself, as a young man he moved to Rome and, over time, earned a name for himself as an accomplished horseman, a skill that he brought with him from his homeland. 

He soon established himself as a farrier and trainer of the finest livestock, increasing in prosperity until finally establishing himself as a wealthy land owner and as Rome's Stablemaster.

As his business grew, he took on an apprentice, Karl, whom he eventually adopted. In time, after having learned his trade well, Karl left Rome to seek his fortune elsewhere but visits his father when time and work allow.

His Servus, Josh Argenteus Aurelius, he found wandering alone on the outskirts of Rome. The boy claimed to be a freeman but it soon became apparent from his manner that he was nothing of the sort, the only possible explanation being that he was a runaway. Consequently, he was taken into service (albeit protesting his status as a freeman) and has served faithfully ever since.



Josh was born to a moderately wealthy family living not far from Rome, and was named Josh Cadmus, a name that called to mind his father's service in both the eastern and western reaches of the Empire.  Two years of bad crops left his family in debt, and Josh Cadmus found himself sold off to pay the debts, and soon in the service of Silverbow Janus, wine merchant of Rome and head of the Argenteus Family.  Silverbow was prevailed upon by the Patronus of Alsium to sell Josh Cadmus, for the insultingly low price of Nothing (just a prayer to the gods), sending him off to the beautiful city of Alsium, beautiful that is until the city was hit by one of those natural disasters that so frequently disrupt lives around here.


The Patronus and most citizens having disappeared under the rubble, Josh (using this as the chance to jettison his second name), ran off and had innumerable adventures around the Empire, including sailing, farming, and working in the salt trade.  Life was good, until one day he was wandering around Rome and was abducted right off the road, and found himself a servus once again in the city of Rome.

Family home in Romanum V
Country home in Pompeii
Forest retreat across the river
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