The most noble house of Confero-Snow has far reaching ancient origins.  The legend goes that a man, a blood relative of Romulus,  discovered the Cave of the Lupercal for the first time on the Ides of February (13th).  where the she wolf suckled The Twins.  

Many great  honors were conferred upon him. and he became the first of the priests of the Lupercal. It was during this time that "Wolf" was taken as a praenomen (first name) by the house, and "Confero" as the gens family name of the house.  This links Romulus to House Confero by blood .  The origins of the House of Confero-Snow are also directly linked to  Aeneus  and his son Arcanus who fled Troy as the Greeks burned the city to the ground.

The young nobleman Unca came across a group of traders transporting a once majestic great cat; a rare snow leopard from the edge of the world.   He freed the majestic leopard from its captivity and the Bright Shining god Apollo saw this and in his mercy and love for the beautiful man, gave him the blessing to transform into a snow leopard himself,  so that nothing, no man or animal, could harm him .  This is forever proclaimed upon the house banner, which features a snow leopard rampant against a field of blue. 

Wolf and Unca both have many things they do outside of their duties as Proconsul and Senators.  They are both architects and have several shops under the name Confero Trading.   They have donated much of their time to assisting the Emperor with the maintenance and preservation of his buildings and land in Romanum.  Senator Unca also enjoys landscaping in his free time.  Far from a man of leisure, Wolf has taken up farming and raising animals as well. 

Proconsul Wolf and the Senator Unca have three sons, Amare, Ptolemy, and Tolomeo.  This most noble house is known for laughter, kindness and courage.    Their motto is  Nos, qui sumus in domum rugiet   ("We are the house that roars") Their estate sits in the Roman territory of Pompeii, connected to Romanum.


Wolf Confero, Proconsul of Romanum, Head of Confero Family

Unca Snow, Senator of Romanum, The Great White Cat, Companion to Wolf

    - Amare Lupum Confero, Son of Wolf, Pankratiast, Praetorian Praefectus (Retired)
    - Ptolemy, Son of Wolf, Pankratiast, former multiple gladiator champion, retired warrior.  
    - Tolomeo, Son of Wolf, world traveler


EXTENDED FAMILY - Miles Maximus, brother of Wolf.

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