Gens Fabia

The gens Fabia is an ancient Roman patrician family, included among the hundred original gentes mentioned by the historian Titus Livius. According to the distinguished scholar Theodor Mommsen their remote origin is derived from the fact that they gave the name to one of the ancient rustic tribes of Rome, the homonymous Tribù Fabia, which included the territories of Alba Fucens and Ascoli, Rudie in the land of the Messapi, Lucca, Brescia and Padua.

The origin of the gens is very probably indigenous, as the Fabii would not have Sabine or Albanian ancestry. The antiquity of the Fabii is also demonstrated by the fact that one of the oldest priestly colleges, that of the Luperci (prior to the 5th century BC and dedicated to the cult of the Lupercalia), consisted exclusively of members of the Fabia and Quinctia gentes; in fact the Luperci were divided into two groups based on their family origins: the Fabiani and the Quinctiales.


The gens Fabia owes its name to the faba, that is the fava beans, legumes whose cultivation was widespread in the Archaic period. In this regard, Pliny the Elder recalls that many ancient Roman families derived their own nomen from the legumes they preferred, or whose cultivation they were most devoted to.


The gens Fabia included several branches. The most illustrious was that of the Fabii Massimi, who took cognomen from the Ara Massima of Hercules, where they had their home. The Fabii Massimi boasted of descending from a Fabius or Fabio son of the god Hercules, born under the reign of the mythical king Evander. The members of this illustrious gens covered all the magistracies during the republic, and in particular the consulate for 66 times representing in the Senate a very conservative force, tending to exclude the plebeians from the magistrates. Their strength and influence on the military level were notable; proof of this is the fact that the Fabii assumed the defense of the territory of Rome against the Etruscan threat of Veio. 

Pater familia (husbands)

Yαgσ Fαвισ

Gladiator / Flamen Lupreci / Patriarch Fabia

Lυcα Fαвισ

Gladiator/ Palast Manager / Patriarch Fabia

Jυмα Fαвισ

Citzen Romanum / Son from Yago and Luca


Fabia Servus

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