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The Parthicus Family was founded when Prince Rad Parthicus di Nicator established his home in Romanum, with his servus Ixion and son Lascivius. Over time, Rad was appointed to the Senate, became governor of Pompeii, and ascended to the position of Roman Consul. 

What does the Family stand for

We are a growing and active family that strives to shine as an example of Romanum life. Dedicated to honesty, courtesy, kindness, and a respect for others as we engage with the broader community through education, the arts, and civic life.


Our members are involved in most aspects of Romanum life - The Senate and Tribunate, the Legion, Temples of Mars, Diana and Neptune, Socratic Academy, Gymnasium and Gladiators.  We are committed to strong RP in Romanum and Pompeii.

Family crest

The Huma bird has been the Parthicus family standard since Rad's Ancestor, Cyrus the Great, ruled Persia seven hundred years ago. 


We wish to foster strong RP in the city with an aim of making Romanum a tight-knit city of brothers.

Family members

Pater (Head)

Proconsul Demetrius Rad Parthicus, Prince of Persia

divorced Valerius Dii Consentes

Filii (Children)

Lascivius Beatus Parthicus (m) Kaeso Aquillus Parthicus & Talos Raven Parthicus

Fallrose (Rosie) Parthicus

Baebius (Boo) Parthicus Dii Consentes

Jovian Priscus (JP) Parthicus (m) Ras Parthicus

Milo Parthicus Dii Consentes

Strymon Parthicus (m) Rasberia

Chase Parthicus 

Hunter Parthicus 

Prinz Parthicus

Torgis Aroki Parthicus (m) Caleb Aroki Parthicus

Caius Julius (CJ) Parthicus 

Nepotes (grandchildren)

 Children of Lascivius

  • Demetrius Marcus Parthicus

  • Brennus Parthicus Di Masio

Children of Boo

  • Eryx Parthicus Dii Consentes

Children of Strymon

  • Zaq S. Parthicus (m) Eloy See Parthicus

  • Lucius Parthicus

  • JP Parthicus​

Children of Ras

  • Connor Landar- Parthicus 

  • Pao Parthicus Vindelici (m) Ariel Parthicus Vindelici

Fratres (Brothers of Rad)

Mark Lenoir-Parthicus

Qarbon Kamala Parthicus 

Dax Vayander Parthicus

Krys Luckstone Parthicus (m) Wircin Luckstone Parthicus


Ixion Parthicus 

Gnaeus Cyprianus Parthicus


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