— For Honor, Valor, Glory, where men can love men and BE men —


Original-male version of the Roman Empire for men who enjoy the ancient Roman roleplay in company of other men.

This is an adult-rated sim within the Second Life. Underage players are not allowed.


Be a citizen of Rome, patrician or plebeian, a merchant, or a slave.


Join our Legion or come fight with the Gladiators.

Relax with friends and lovers in our Thermae (Baths), and socialize with other citizens in our fabulous parties.


Get your exercise or a massage at our Gymnasium, come enjoy our Tournaments, Events and Festivities, and many more.

Create your backstory and contact us to apply for admission.


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Romanum's Second Life Music Stream


National Anthem and Flag of Romanvm

Senātus Populusque Rōmānus (SPQR)

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