The Forum is the center of our great City. Many important buildings are around it: the Temple of Jupiter and various other important Temples, the Senate, the Tavern and the Shops. The Imperial Palace, the Colosseum, the Theater, the Gymnasium, the Thermae (Baths) and the Prison are near.


The Imperial Palace is the residence of His Imperial Highness the Emperor Stephanus Galtier and his husband, the Prefect Regulus Antius Rufus, and the whole Imperial household, including the Praetorian Guard that keeps them safe. On special Events, the Emperor hosts glamorous parties and receptions.


In the northeast section of the city, the Colosseum, where our Gladiators weekly entertain the citizens. Next to the Colosseum is a wrestling facility, exercise mat, massage table, archery range and a pool in the Gymnasium. South of the Imperial Palace is the Hippodrome where chariot races occur.


On the eastern end of the Forum, the Temple of Venus and Roma holds all the information for the new visitors in it's lowest floor.


Our main Thermae (Baths) south of the Miles' Tavern is one of the most visited facilities in the City. Many travellers like to enjoy the baths in the company of their friends or lovers in the relaxing atmosphere. On both sides of the Forum, you will find galleries with plenty of shops.


The Temple of Jupiter presides the western end of the Forum on the Capitoline Hill.


The Senate building holds public Senate meetings once a month, presided by the Emperor.


The Miles' Tavern is in the east area of the city near the Welcome Center . Here the citizens meet and socialize while enjoying the best falernum wine. Once a week, the Tavern hosts one of the most popular parties of Romanum.



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