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Official Guidelines for scheduling events and advertising them in the Romanum Groups or having them placed on the Romanum Calendar.


    Whenever possible, work with your fellow citizens, and try not to overlap any event.  If you do need to overlap an event, consider staggering the times, so some citizens might be able to attend both events.  Remember the possibility of working with current venues to host your event.  For example, if you are having a birthday party with a dance, consider hosting that party at one of our existing venues that have a dance rather than having a private party at your home.  



    Romanum venues open to the street, in public, where ancient type clothing is required by existing Romanum rules, are IC (in character) event venues.

    Romanum venues out of sight of public view, behind closed doors, and not visible from the street can be OOC (out of character), or IC (in character) as defined by the venue owner.  This includes parties held inside private homes.

"Venue" for the purpose of the rules, refers to all clubs, private homes, bars, fighting or other RP groups, or RP events.

Event Scheduling:

    To have an event added to the calendar, contact Janu Shimada Octavius (januarius), Miles Galtier Maximus (milehigh.maximus), Imperator Stephanus Galtier (emperor.galtier), Cato Galtier Karu Leon RoB (cuoredelleone), Stef Endriago Octavius Drakon (stefanoii) or Jin Měi Rén Galtier (acrylix) and it will be added to the rotation.

    No venue may schedule more than 3 events in one week.  It is strongly encouraged to limit the amount of venue activities to less than 3, or to stagger to other time zones, to  keep calendar space open.  

    When scheduling an event, if the calendar date and time you want is currently not in use, then simply contact one the people listed above and have the event added.  If the date and time is currently occupied, then use the following guidelines.  

Events that do not include dance, can overlap events that do include dance.

Events that include dance, can not overlap other events that include dance.

Events that do not include dance, can not overlap other events that do not include dance.


Use of Romanum group notices are governed by above rules, regardless of whether your event is on the calendar or not.

Event Coordinators:  

If you need help with your event, you are welcome to contact one of the event coordinators for  assistance. They can help you find a dj or a venue, and advise on times.  They are Janu Shimada Octavius (januarius) and Ariel Giordano-Vindelici (marcanton.zehetbauer).

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