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Romanum is meant for gay and bisexual men to enjoy playing in, which includes male nudity, sexual and BDSM play in public.


Female avatars ARE welcome in Romanum, however, to respect the goals of this being a male SIM, we ask that female avatars dress appropriately in Romanum. Female avatars may not be nude in public, or wear very revealing clothes. Female avatars may not engage in sexual play in public.


If a property owner in Romanum has a female avatar guest in his home, out of public view, the female nudity and sex play restrictions do not apply. Nevertheless, such behavior is not encouraged.


In addition, to help Romanum foster a fraternal sense of brotherhood for gay and bisexual men, only male avatars may own property in Romanum or join those groups with a male focus. The current groups female avatars may join are Romanum VIPs and Empire of Romanum. 


We DO allow and encourage female avatar merchants in Romanum Marketplace.


As with our Age Play policy, we ask the citizens and friends of Romanum to help us enforce this policy. If a female avatar is seen engaged in inappropriate behavior in public, we ask you to contact an Estate Manager or Proconsul.


If none respond within 24 hours, please escalate to Imperator Galtier. Please take down the violating avatar's full name and create a snapshot of the violation.


Thank you very much,
Imperator Galtier


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