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Linden Lab's Second Life has a very firm rule about child avatars in adult sims, and we will be VERY STRICTLY enforcing it here in Romanum. We are an adult sim. Children are not allowed here, period. If you look to be under the age of 18 to any of the members of the Romanum Committee, (made up of the Sim Owner, Estate Managers or Proconsuls), you will be asked to either Age Up your avatar or leave. The Romanum Committee will take under advisement any individual that wants to appeal. This is our right as Romanum Leadership. If an avatar states in his profile he is under age, regardless of how he looks, he cannot be here.

To help you if you are unsure, here is our criteria:

1. Males MUST be 6'5" (1.95m) tall or taller by the height measure in the Welcome Center.
2. Females MUST be 5'11"(1.80m) tall or taller by our height measure in the Welcome Center.
3. Males must use a MALE shape.  When you use a female shape, it makes you look too childlike for our comfort.
4. Females must have breasts, they do not have to be large, but you do need to have them, the only exception to this is if you have a very tall female avatar.
5. Child skins are not allowed. If you are unsure about your skin, ask a Romanum Committee member. (However, if you bought it at a child skin shop, good bet its a kid's skin)


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