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.zCS Combat Meter & Second Life Romanum (Updated May 2020)

The reason .zcs is Allowed  &  Functioning for Romanum users is to give More opportunities for RP And Our Fight groups.

!!!!!!  It is NOT needed for your personal RP, But enables special FUN and possibly dangerous features by users wishing to equip it.
* Use at your own risk.
* Management reserves the right to: reign in any disasters & squelch disruptive nastiness according to our whims.


To Receive the Proper Needed Items

Click a distribution barrel at the Tavern, the Legion Fort, the Welcome Center, or the Gladiators Ready Room.


from the Pop up for the correct current package to be delivered to you.

~disregard the other variants & choices NOT used or needed.

You will receive a BOXED item.

Add it to your avatar to unpack the contents to a inventory folder, which will be named zCS/Meter~2.06 [Box]


FROM YOUR new folder, ADD a HUD of your choice AND zCS#Meter~2.06 (or current version)

Set it according to your Prefs  following prompts.


Please note, if you are unfamiliar to the zCS HUD, and the associated Meter:

.zcs is a DAMAGE BASED COMBAT SYSTEM compatible with GM.

It has  RP FUNCTIONS in addition (Non Fighting users enjoy the RP features). The Main feature is to Enable Damage & Fight capabilities with GM & GM compatible weaponry.

Although one of it's functions is to collect zCS coinage, which accrues according to the duration of the wearing, you are also now wearing a Damage Meter, which makes you vulnerable to attack and robbery. 

*This rarely occurs in Romanum, but must be borne in mind when putting it on.

Tagging yourself as in Roleplay with .zCS  MARKS you as open to a combat style roleplay, including COMBAT Aid, Capture, Binding, Bandaging, Stealing & RP monetary transactions, all of which can be fun & create a richer RP.

*You do not Need to be a fighter OR interested In RP monetary systems to wear .zCS


Enables those features and tags YOU as  willing participant for other .zCS users.

If you are a spectator at a fighting event, or an event where the participants are using the .zCS, OR GM  you are vulnerable to stray blows,  wearing the Meter may interfere with the scoring system of the event. due to anomalies & lag.


Please consider this.

.zCS should  have no effect on those uninterested in it. It WILL effect all GM users & other .zCS users. DO not wear BOTH GM & .zCS at the same time. They serve the SAME purpose with GM being streamlined & not containing the monetary functions.

.zCS is a popular alternative to GM, but NOT a replacement in Romanum. It functions seamlessly with GM users when .zCS servers are configured.

NEVER bring your own .zCS Server into Romanum. It will interfere with our own servers. To do so may incur a ban.


Fight capabilities  and monetary systems are configured & must be synchronized  across sim boundaries & managed for Legion, Gladiators events & the RP economy/users to function. Some RP ONLY  features may not be fully functional in all regions. Where possible, they are working.

*Keep in mind the spirit of of camaraderie & fun as an RP user. Mistakes may happen. Have Fun! & I hope this info explains the basic concepts & use.
 Rector of Gladiators
 Tybalt Galtier-Caproni (tybalt.caproni)

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