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Good citizens and friends of Romanum:


Your Imperator, the Great Caesar and Lord, Stephanus Galtier, appreciates and loves everyone of you. He desires to be friends with you all and would love to have quality time seeing you, chatting with you and visiting you.


As the Empire of Romanum continues to grow, the Imperator cannot give everyone the time they deserve. He wishes he could. Imperator Galtier will do his best to engage with citizens and friends.


Please do not be offended if the Imperator appears to ignore you or cannot spend much time with you.


To help the Imperator be able to better engage his Empire's citizens and friends in a more friendly less business like manner this SIM management policy is in effect:


For issues and concerns regarding Romanum, you should contact these people-


Day to day issues regarding buying land, renting, fixing problems with prims, terraforming, etc. should be addressed to each Sim's estate manager(s). The estate managers are listed in the region's land covenant as shown on your screen menu World/Region Details (Alt R)/Covenant.

For more serious issues, Romanum has Proconsuls.


The proconsul is the Imperator's representative in all Romanum Sims. He would help enforce the rules in Romanum, help settle disputes between residents, help safeguard Romanum against those intent on harming Romanum or its residents. 

Romanum has two proconsuls. The two work together and confer with each other as needed. Any action by any one proconsul will be shared with the other proconsul.

If a resident has an issue with any one proconsul, they may raise the issue with the other proconsul. That other proconsul will consult with the first proconsul and settle the dispute. Once the proconsuls are in agreement, the complaining resident is expected to adhere to the instructions given. The proconsuls will copy the Imperator, with the decision.

In the extreme circumstance where the resident disagrees with both proconsuls' consensus decision, he or she may appeal to the Imperator. The Imperator will not entertain a complaint until both proconsuls have addressed the issue.

The two proconsuls for Romanum are:

1. Alexi Romanov-Phoenix  (alexbeauchamp)
2. Miles Galtier Maximus (milehigh.maximus)

You can either IM them directly or use the Staff Contact Board in the Romanum Welcome Center.


Marketing Director Ausus Equitius Galtier Calx (Gambit Broome) - is responsible primarily to bring business to Romanum which includes merchants and land owners. 


I hope everyone understands the need for this policy and I hope everyone will try to honor it.


Thank you,
Imperator Galtier


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