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In order to provide an enjoyable and safe roleplay environment in Romanum, all residents will abide by an anti-harassment policy.


Although in serious roleplay there can be various levels of intense play that can result in mixed emotions, both positive and negative, it is important residents do not cross any lines that would violate Second Life's Terms of Service harassment policy which includes certain forms of griefing.


1. Residents are not permitted to use real life information, imagined or real, and use that as a personal attack against another resident.
2. Residents are not permitted to destroy, vandalize, or steal another residents objects.

3. Residents are not permitted to harass another resident due to gender, race, nationality or national origin, religion, creed, sexual orientation, perceived gender, economic status, level of intelligence, roleplay choice.

4. Residents are to treat all other residents with respect and common decency. As long as treatment of a resident is within the logical context of the role the resident plays and that resident agrees to that treatment, an offense is not committed.

5. Residents are not to stalk another resident.

6. Romanum is an adult Sim and as such certain profanities will be tolerated. Specific profanities that will NOT be tolerated are nigger, faggot, fag, cunt, dike, pussy.

7. In the context of roleplay, all roleplayers have the option to "opt out" of a specific roleplay scene, and when a roleplayer "opts out", the other roleplayers involved in the scene are obligated to accept this.

8. Other forms of harassment not enumerated here and decided by the Sim Owner, Imperator Galtier, on a case by case basis.

Reporting Harassment

If a resident is a victim of harassment or witnesses harassment, they should do their best to document the nature of the harassment, who is involved (both the resident(s) harassing and the resident(s) harassed), the date and time of the harassment, possibly a snapshot, a log of local chat or a narrative of events and report this to an Estate Manager, Proconsul or Imperator Galtier.


First the Estate Manager or Proconsul and, if needed, Imperator Galtier, will review each complaint and decide how to respond. In most cases the parties will be brought together to review the complaint face to face. An attempt will be made to resolve the complaint at that meeting including the possibility of the harasser apologizing. If, for whatever reason, the issue cannot be resolved, or this is a repeated offense, certain sanctions could be imposed on the harassing resident.


Sanctions can include, but are not limited to:
2nd Offense - Banned for 7 days
3rd Offense - Banned for 30 days
4th Offense - Permanently Banned


Imperator Galtier reserves the right to alter these sanctions based on the nature of the harassment and such sanctions could be milder or more severe.


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