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Latin, of course, was the language spoken in ancient Rome and it is encouraged people learn some of the more common Latin phrases when communicating in Romanum roleplay:


This was complied by Milo Jardberg -


Latin course for the Virtual School of Languages


Latin phrases


This page is for those, who would like to know some "conversational" Latin.


The course itself focuses on developing your understanding of classical Latin in the form you will encounter it today: written prose and poetry, not spoken, apart from scientific names.


Salve! - Hello! (to one person)
Salvete! - Hello! (to several people)
Ave! - Hello! Bye!
Vale! - Fare well! Goodbye! (to one person)
Valete! - Fare well! Goodbye! (to several people)


Polite phrases
Quid agis? - How are you? (to one person)
Quid agitis? - How are you? (to several people)
Valeo. - I'm fine.
Valemus. - We are fine.
Paulo minus valeo. - I'm not very well.
Non valeo. - I'm not well.
Cur non vales? - Why aren't you well? (to one person)
Aeger / fatigatus / indignatus sum. - I'm ill / tired / in a bad mood (Answer by male)
Aegra / fatigata / indignata sum. - I'm ill / tired / in a bad mood (Answer by female)
Gratias tibi ago. - Thank you.
Salutatio. - You're welcome.
Quaeso. - Please.


Introducing oneself
Quis tu? - Who are you?
Mihi nomen est ... - My name is ...
Suave te cognoscere est. - Nice to get to know you.
Quot annos natus es? - How old are you?  (Talking to a male)
Quot annos nata es? - How old are you?  (Talking to a female)
... annos natus sum. - I am ... years old.  (Answer by male)
... annos nata sum. - I am ... years old. (Answer by female)
Unde es? - Where are you from? (to one person)
Britannia. Hibernia. - Britain. Ireland.
Hispania. Lusitania. - Spain. Portugal. 

Gallia. Belgica. - France. Belgium. 
Germania - Germany (included Netherlands)

Noricum. Pannonia. Illyria - Austria/Switzerland. Hungary. Croatia
Italia. Graecia. - Italy. Greece.
Asia minor. - Turkey.
Syria / Phoenicia. Judaea. - Syria. Israel. (consult map of ancient Middle East to see what belonged where)
Arabia. - the Arabian peninsula.
Aegyptus - Egypt.


Agreeing and disagreeing
Sic est. Scilicet. Certe. - It's so. Of course. Certainly.
Fortasse. Verisimile. - Perhaps. Likely.
Non ita. Minime. Non. - It isn't so. Not at all. Not.
Nescio. - I don't know.
Non intellego. - I don't understand


Words of love
(Ego) amo te. - I love you. (place "ego" if you want to stress "I")
Amor! - Love!
Columbus! - Pidgeon!
Lepus! - Hare!
Gemma! - Jewel!


Words of hate
Vipera impudens! - Impudent snake!
Fur! - Thief!
Nequissime! - Good-for-nothing!
Asine! - Donkey!
Inepte! - Idiot!

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