Visit the many locations in the Empire of Romanum. With your Second Life viewer open and you logged into your avatar, click on the landmarks below. You will see a webpage popup with a link to the location. Click on the link. A landmark will pop up in your Second Life viewer. Click on it and it will take your avatar to that location.


Bacchus Cult 

Baths of Trajan

Bibliotheca Ulpia (Library)

Brotherhood of Quirin

Candyboy's Animal Reserve

Chariot Tours

Circus Maximus (Hippodrome)

Club Romanum

Cult of Antinous

Romanum Embassy

Flavian Amphitheatre (Colosseum) Gladiator Entrance

Flavian Amphitheatre (Colosseum) Main Entrance

Forum Garden

Forum Romanum

Forum Rostra



Imperial Palace - Grand Ballroom

Imperial Palace - Main Entrance

Imperial Palace - Throne Room

Legion Fort

Mamertine Prison

Memorial Hall

Miles' Tavern

Neptune's Palace


Port of Ostia Antica

Portico Dii Consentes

Ruins @ The Reserve

Senate - Curia Julia

Slaver's Office

Stabilis (Stables)

Swim Club

Temple of Antoninus & Faustina

Temple of Apollo

Temple of Caesar

Temple of Castor & Pollux

Temple of Ceres

Temple of Concord

Temple of Cupid

Temple of Diana

Temple of Fides

Temple of Jupiter

Temple of Mars

Temple of Mercury

Temple of Minerva

Temple of Neptune

Temple of Ops

Temple of Saturn

Temple of Tellus

Temple of Uranus and Gea

Temple of Venus and Roma

Temple of Vespasian & Titus

Temple of Vesta

Temple of Vulcan

Theater Marcellus

Welcome and Information Center

Well of Jupiter


Pompeii - Welcome Center

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