Some roles will be official roles in Romanum needed to run the Empire of Romanum effectively. Other roles will be invented by the roleplayer based on whatever role the roleplayer wishes to play.


Official Roles


Emperor - Caesar - Imperator (Emperor Stephanus Galtier (Emperor Galtier)): Is the overall ruler of all Romanum Sims.. Only he can play this role. He is also the commander-in-chief of the Romanum Legion and appoints a Commanding General to lead the Romanum Legion..


Emperor's Consort/Husband (RegulusAntius Rufus): He is the Emperor's consort/husband. 

Consuls: These are the Emperor's closest senior advisors.

Ausus Equitius Calx (gambit boome)

Booker Beningborough

Proconsuls: The Emperor's representatives in all Romanum. They help enforce the rules, help settle disputes between residents, help safeguard Romanum against those intent on harming Romanum or its residents:

Alexi Romanov-Phoenix (alexbeauchamp)

Miles Maximus (milehigh.maximus)

SenatorsThe higher Legislative officials. They are appointed by the Emperor and approved by the Senate. They serve as an advisory body to the Emperor.  Senators must be citizens of Romanum and own land in Romanum.

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Senate Scribe: Takes minutes during Senate meetings and organizes and communicates the agenda before each meeting. 

Tribunes: The lower Legislative officials. They are elected by the citizens of Romanum and serve as an advisory body to the Senate. Tribunes must be citizens of Romanum.

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Tribune Scribe: Takes minutes during Tribune meetings and organizes and communicates the agenda before each meeting. 


Pontifex Maximus (Σ Stefanos Σ (Stef Dharnen)): Serves as the High Priest in Romanum and leads religious life in Romanum. His assistant and backup is ƤЄƬƦƲƧ ƓƝƛЄƲƧ ƤƠMƤЄƖƲƧ (pietro.howlett).

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Commanding General of the Romanum Legion (Skip Scipio (camaron.spanton)): Commander of the enlisted members of the Romanum Legion. This officer would work to train and drill the Legion soldiers and prepare them for battles and raids. 

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Romanum Legion Officers:


Legatus - A senior officer in the legion. These officers can serve as ambassadors to other military empires.


Tribunus - A senior officer in the legion. These warriors are second in command after the Generals, and equal in status to the Legatus. To achieve this rank a soldier must have consistent strong combat skills and demonstrate leadership during a raid.

Primus Pilus - A senior ranking centurion in the legion. It is their duty to organize the other centurions and legionnaires in battles and training.

Centurio - An officer in the Romanum Legions. These warriors are recognized by this rank for their skill and their dedication to the legion.

Praetorian Guard (Skip Scipio (camaron spanton)) As a special division of the Romanum Legion, their primary duty is to guard the Emperor and the Imperial Palace.

Rector Gladiatorum (Tybalt Caproni): Leads and trains the men who fight in the Gladiatorial ranks. His assistant, the Gladiator Lanistae is (ƛԼЄҲƖ ŔƠMƛƝƠѴ-ƤӇƠЄƝƖҲ  (alexbeauchamp)).


Chief Scribe (Booker Beningborough): Responsible for maintaining official information, housed in the Library (Bibliotheca). This information would be related to Romanum and real life Roman history.


Medicus (Physician) (Giles Woodget Physician (Giles Woodget)): Provides medical and healing services to the populous of Romanum and serves from a hospitalis. The hospitalis administrator is Ras Parthicus (rhodes.rasmuson).


Romanum Theater Director (Jin měi rén of Han (acrylix)): In charge of theatrical performances at Romanum's Marcellum Theater.


Events Coordinators: Helps coordinate major events in Romanum. The current events coordinators as of July 2020 are:


Ariel Vindelici (marcanton.zehetbauer)

Janu Shimada Octavius (januarius)

Slaver (Mardrakus Hekatos  (mardrake)): The head person who organizes and trains servi (slaves) and provides such services to friends and citizens of Romanum as needed.


Imperial Palace Manager (Jin měi rén of Han (acrylix)): In charge of the Emperor's household. He would manage the servants and personal slaves of the Emperor. He would also run special events at the Palace. He has an assistant: candyboy Allen.


Tavern Host (Miles Maximus (MileHigh Maximus)): Hosts dances and parties at Romanum's Tavern.

Romanum Bookkeeper (Appius Mummius Tullus (Romanum Frugel)): An official role. This person handles all the rent payments and bills due for Romanum - the Sims owned by Emperor Galtier. 

Roleplay Advisor (Zarek Antonius (zarek.adder)): Advises on and encourages roleplay. For those interested in more robust roleplay, they can join the Romanum Roleplay group.


Estate Managers: The primary people who help manage the various Romanum Sims taking care of technical issues and assisting as needed.

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