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ROMANUM LAND COVENANT updated March 2021

This land is on an ancient Roman roleplay Sim for men, especially gay and bisexual men. It is an adult Sim which means public nudity is permitted everywhere, for men, but please show discretion as appropriate. Public sexual activity is permitted, including BDSM, between men, only in designated areas of the Sim. The designated areas are at all public baths, INSIDE (Underneath) the Colosseum, in the Tavern brothel rooms upstairs, inside the Prison and by the execution area behind the Prison. Female avatars are not permitted in these public areas. One additional area where public sex is allowed is the Bacchus Cult complex, but by male avatars only. Female avatars are permitted in Cult complex, clothed, however. To be clear, sexual activity between ADULT human avatars of any gender is allowed INSIDE the privacy of one's home as long as it cannot be seen from a public venue ordinarily.


Residents following these rules are not to be harassed by anyone. Anyone who harasses will be given one warning and after that could be expelled and/or banned from this Sim.


Because this is an adult Sim with serious adult play possible, no avatar that looks like a child will be permitted in Romanum, which includes land ownership. Romanum will use a simple objective measure, the avatar's height.  Male avatars must be at least 1.95 meters ( 6 feet, 5 inches) tall. Female avatars must be at least 1.80 meters (5 feet, 11 inches) tall. The Estate Owner or any Estate Manager retains the right to also ask avatars who DO meet the minimum height requirement, but appear child like in his subjective opinion, to change their avatar appearance or risk being expelled. Romanum accordingly has a strict policy against age play - that is where child looking avatars engage in sexual play with adult looking avatars.


Also, given this is an ancient Roman roleplay Sim, only human looking avatars are allowed in Romanum. No furries or other non-human looking avatars. The exceptions are avatars that look like real animals that might exist in Roman times (e.g. realistic looking dog), those who abide by our new mythological character policy and any shaped avatar in the dance clubs (not temples or the Romanum Tavern) is permitted.  Romanum has a strict policy against bestiality, no animal looking avatar may engage in sexual play with a human looking avatar in ANY place in Romanum, public or private,


No FLYING is authorized in Romanum. Please respect this no fly policy.


Given this Sim is meant for men, ONLY men may buy a land parcel or rent a place to live in Romanum. Both genders may live in Romanum and roleplay in Romanum. Women may, however, rent shops.  


Only homes that look appropriate for the ancient Roman era are permitted on this land. If you have any doubts, before you build and/or purchase a home, contact the estate managers. The estate managers reserve the right to disallow and return to owner any home or items outside the home that are not appropriate for the theme of this Sim. In addition there will be a height limit on private homes. The top of the structure should not be more than 25m above ground level. Public buildings should also not be more than 25m above ground level. Exceptions on public buildings only will be agreed to by the Romanum Estate (Sim) Owner. We also require no one uses full-bright or glow above 0.02 in the textures for any item seen from public view.  Land owners may have whatever they wish out of public view inside their home, including full media rights. Also, any platform in the sky must be above 500 meters.  Building should be done on sky platforms, and then brought down to the ground when completed.  Minor repairs or remodeling may be performed on the ground, but please texture prims and complete the job as quickly as possible so as to not disrupt the RP environment.


We also ask property owners to not leave objects rezzed outside their property lines, including boats, ship docks, porches, etc. Such items may be left rezzed briefly while actively using them. However, for boats is an exception - boats may be permanently rezzed in the various sea areas and docks as long as they do not block the main sea lanes within 12 meters of the border of the Sim.


Items must be sold in the appropriate shops provided, not on rented parcels.  You may display items and provide a LM to a Romanum shop, and you may set up trade deals on your rented parcel (for example I will trade you 3 chickens for 2 bags of grain).  


Terraforming is NOT permitted by land owners. Ask the Estate Owner or an Estate Manager with any terraforming requests. No ban lines are permitted, however, the land owner is permitted to use a security device set to evict from the land parcel, not the Sim, as long as the parcel does not contain public through ways, e.g. sea lanes


Land tiers are a minimum of 4 weeks at the time of purchase and may be paid as little as one week at a time after that. Tiers not paid when due will result in repossession of the land by the estate owner after 14 days of non-payment and all owned property will be returned to the land owner.



The Estate Owner and Estate Managers for all Romanum Sims are as follows:


Owner: Imperator Stephanus Galtier (Emperor Galtier)

Managers: Alexi Romanov-Phoenix  (alexbeauchamp), Appius Mummius Tullus (Romanum Frugel), Ausus Equitius Galtier Calx (Gambit Broome), Booker Galtier Beningborough, Imperator Stephanus Galtier (Emperor Galtier), Miles Galtier Maximus (milehigh.maximus),Tybalt Galtier-Caproni, JustinElias Anatra

Feel free to contact the estate owner or any estate manager with any questions, comments, or issues.

Thank you.

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