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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is Second Life?

A: Second Life is a user generated virtual reality 3D world hosted by a company called Linden Lab. It has been around since about 2004. 

Q: What is a SIM?

A: A SIM is the server space in which a specific virtual reality 3D world exists and is created by the user. SIM is short for simulator. There are various types of SIMs in Second Life - Full SIMs with the largest space and capacity. Full SIMs exist in two varieties, Mainland (original SIMs with more restrictions on content) and Private Islands (allows more freedom in content up to adult oriented content). Each Full SIM is 256 meters by 256 meters. The SIM owner can install up to 20,000 prims (basic building blocks) or for $30 USD more per month, up to 30,000 prims. There is a less expensive full SIM known as a homested (less expensive to the SIM owner). Homesteds are also 256 meters by 256 meters, but only allow 5,000 prims.

Q: What is Romanum?

A: Romanum is a virtual reality world that represents ancient Rome during the Imperial period. It's center is the famous primary forum of ancient Rome, the Forum Romanum. Romanum consists of many SIMs connected to each other with the center city in the SIM called "Romanum" with no Roman number after the name. This is the original SIM born (rezzed) on December 27, 2009 and opened to the public in late March 2010.

Q: What is the Imperial period of ancient Rome:

A: The Imperial period was when emperors ruled the Empire of Rome starting with Julius Caesar. The traditional end of the Imperial period was when the western part of the Roman Empire fell during the 400s of the Common Era (CE, also known as AD). The eastern part of the Roman Empire survived many hundreds of years later. Romanum has a fictional Imperator known as Imperator Stephanus Galtier. Stephanus took power in 140 CE succeeding the real life Imperator Antoninus Pius. 

Q: What makes Romanum different from other ancient Roman worlds in Second Life?

A: Romanum was created as a unique and safe place for gay and bisexual men to roleplay. Female avatars are welcome in Romanum, but Romanum is primarily for male play. This includes straight males.


Q: How does one get started in Romanum?

A: First, if you do not yet have a Second Life avatar, go here. Get the basics of Second Life here. One does not have to spend any money at all to join Second Life or build an avatar or play in Romanum. But if you wish to enhance your avatar or own property in Romanum, then you will need to spend money. The best place to start your roleplay in Romanum is to visit our Welcome Center and submit an application for roleplay on this website.

Q: How does one roleplay in Romanum?

A: We have various pages on this website describing how starting here

Q: How intense is roleplay in Romanum?

A: It depends on how intense you want to roleplay. Most residents of Romanum do light roleplay, but if you can find like minded residents who want more elaborate intense roleplay, go for it. The fact is roleplay in Romanum is optional, but encouraged. You cannot wear non-ancient Roman clothing in public areas (with the exception of temporary visitors to the marketplace and visits to sky placed dance clubs). 

Q: What roleplay roles exist in Romanum?

A: Once again, we have pages on this website with roles in Romanum.

Q: What are the major activities and groups in Romanum?

A: Romanum has many activities and events throughout the year including it's annual anniversary celebrations in late March. The most popular groups are the Gladiators and the Legion. In the government, besides the Imperator, there is the Senate. You can find information for these groups in posters in the Welcome Center

Q: What about families?

A:  Romanum has several families. You do NOT need to be in a family, but if you want to be, get to know a family member and request to be part of that family. Families were an important part of ancient Rome.

Q: What about selling merchandise in Romanum?

A: There is one marketplace in Romanum. The marketplace is in the Forum. A resident can rent a space in this marketplace and sell their goods to residents.

Q: What about a place to live Romanum?

A: A player in Romanum does NOT need to find a place to live in Romanum, but many want a place to call their own to invite guests over to roleplay with them, to relax and have fun. There are numerous possibilities from inexpensive insulaes (apartments/flats) to buying your own land in Romanum on which you can build your own ancient Roman home. The latter gives you media rights on your own parcel. Check for those places available to live in our Welcome Center map floor. 

Q: How does one add or change material on the Romanum website?

A: You should contact the website administrator:​​

  • Imperator Stephanus Galtier (emperor galtier)

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