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Head of Family:  Dαмισи Draco Aήţόήίùş  (damiondraco)

Antonius Family Crest.png

The Antonius family is one of the wealthiest and most prominent families of ancient Rome, who trace their origins back to the hero Heracles.

The family has a proud and distinguished history of members belonging to both the patrician and plebeian classes.


One of the first to achieve prominence was Titus Antonius Merenda, a member of the second Decemviri who helped draft what became the "Law of the Twelve Tables."

One of the family's most influential and best known ancestors is Mark Antony, a shrewd politician and triumphant military general. He was a partisan of Julius Caesar, and became a member of the Second Triumvirate, along with Octavian and Lepidus following Caesar's death.

​Family members have included Roman Emperors, Consuls, Senators, and Governors to Queens and Princes of Thrace and Egypt.

Currently living members of the family are direct descendants of Mark Antony and three of his wives—Fulvia, Octavia, and Queen Cleopatra of Egypt.

The Family Tree and more information about the Antoni is available at:

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