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Argenteus Family Crest.png


The Argenteus Family is one of the founding families of Romanum, going back to the earliest days of the city and Empire.  


Silverbow Janus, renowned merchant, established the family and its Argenteus Wine Shop, with stores and vineyards in Romanum and Roma.


As part of his energetic efforts to develop markets and investigate wine-making across the Empire, Silverbow travelled extensively, and was last heard from several years ago as he set out on a most ambitious voyage. Silverbow left the family and the wine businesses in the care of his nephews, the brothers Corban, Pancho, and Austen, along with the collaboration of Cadmus, servus from the earliest days and now a free member of the Argenteus Family.


The brother of Silverbow, Stefanos, accompanies them since then with his loving gaze and his wisdom always available. The sons of Corban have joined in the the family business: Calin, Ceti, and Bear Neximus Argenteus.


The Argenteus Family is looking forward to the return of Silverbow, focused on maintaining his legacy by meeting his high standards in all activities in which the Argenteus are involved. 

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