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Gens Claudia is a huge Roman clan of Sabinian origin, with many branches, both patrician and plebeian. The first Claudius in Rome was Attius Clausus, who latinized his name into Appius Claudius and became senator very quickly upon his arrival to the capital. Attius arrived in the year CCIL, shortly before the overthrow of the last King of Rome, Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, by a popular rebellion.

A cousin branch to ours, the Claudii Neroni, gave four Emperors to the Empire, from DCCLXVII to DCCCXXI, some of which brought shame to our glorious name with their abandon of all morals.

Appius Claudius Centho, of the clan of Claudii Centhones, went to Hispania Citerior as praetor in DLXXVIII and stayed there with his family.

Publius Claudius Furius, his descendant, is a magistrate in Tarraco, the capital of the province of Hispania Tarraconensis.  Although very traditionalist and conservative Roman, he married a fascinating barbarian lady from

Germania whose family arrived to the Empire from beyond the Limes.


His son Caius Claudius Fuscus moved to Barcino, a smaller town sixty miles to the north, and had two sons:

Drusus Claudius and Marcus Claudius. Both brothers took Falx as their cognomen, relating to a typical weapon of the northeastern Tarraconensis they both learned to use profficiently since their childhood.



Drusus, the older brother (born in DCCCLXVIII), joined the local outlaws in their fight to proclame the northeastern part of Tarraconensis a Province of its own within the Empire.

He is suspected to have particpated in the abduction of two Romanum senators in order to blackmail the Emperor in exchange for realisation of his political claims, but the Legion discovered the plot, dismanteled the outlaw gang and thwarted their plans.

His whereabouts are unknown ever since. 

Marcus, the younger brother (born in DCCCLXXI), preferred to travel around the world. After years of numerous adventures throughout the Empire and faraway lands beyond the Limes, Marcus arrived to the capital Romanum in DCCCXCVII and stayed there.

First he joined the Gladiators and then the Legion, where he ascended to Primus Pilus. He successfully participated in many competitions and games and won trophies and laurels. 

In year DCCCXCVIII he was appointend the Flamen Martialis by His Holiness the Pontifex Maximus, and leads the Mars cult of Romanum.

He returns to Barcino occasionally to visit his parents and sisters there, but neither of them has news of his estranged outlaw brother Drusus.

Marcus Claudius isn't interested in expanding the family, since he is - as he likes to point out - too young to have children of his own and too old to need a father

Also, he prefers his freedom to the chains of marriage, and he prefers occasional bromances with other warriors to fully committed relationships.

More details on Marcus's own page, in his own words:

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