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Honour, Loyalty and Acceptance

Head of Family



Other relations

Family age

Goals in the City

Syrus and Eryx Etchegaray-Drake

Wes Halston Baiae, FlaviusWillstar and Victor Etchegaray-Drake

Crys, Remus, McKenna, Loalus, Candyboy allen, Ejix, Sergio, Aldo, Mark, Udjat, Claudius, Anak, Kevvo, Boagus, Elysium, Vince, and Toni 

Senators Mercvrius and Caivs (Syrus's fathers) and Eryx-Nyx (nephew)

3 years

Unity and Acceptance

Syrus Drake is the son of Senator MERCVRIVS and CAIVS MERCVRIVS KARV was wandering  the streets of the city when across the courtyard he noticed a very handsome man named Eryx Etchegaray they began to see each other and eventually married uniting their houses as one, that was 3 years ago. since then Syrus followed in his fathers footsteps and joined  his Husband Eryx as a member of the Romanum Senate Eryx and Syrus decided it  was inevitable not to have sons and thus began building our family by having Flavius Etchegaray-Drake & Wes Halston Baiae as our sons...with many more to come.

Willstar and Victor
Found  wandering  the streets of Athens while we  my  husband Eryx and I were on a sabatacle we  took these 2  young men  into our  home as  servus , they quickly  became part of our  hearts  so after   much  thought   we  adopted  them  making them  sons of the house of  Etchegaray-Drake

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