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Family Motto:  Courage, Family, Justice, Strength


Family Symbol:

Family Flag:

GaltierCrest on Horizontal Flag - Tybbie

Imperial Family Galtier Code of Conduct:

As a member of the Romanum Imperial Family of Galtier, one represents the Empire of Romanum. Others will see Romanum reflected in the family members and how they behave, how they treat others. One also represents the founder and supreme ruler of Romanum, the Imperator Stephanus Galtier.

Family members are expected to:

1. Show fierce loyalty to the Empire of Romanum and its leader, the Imperator Stephanus Galtier. Be prepared to defend and protect Romanum and the paterfamilias (the Imperator) in word and deed from attack, unfair criticism, while accepting constructive criticism.

2. Show respect and kindness, friendship, to all who enter Romanum, whether a citizen of Romanum, a slave (do not mistreat) or a person from another land. Likewise, offer to help people if they need help, to the best of one's ability. Do not be haughty or act superior. Act on pride on being in the Imperial Family by showing humility and graciousness.

3. Show love and compassion to all the members of the family, the Galtier family.

Remember the Family Slogan:

Galtier: Courage, Family, Justice, Strength. Committed to the great Imperium Romanum and its people. 

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