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The family is under the leadership of Senator Emeritus Mercurius and his husband Senator Caius Karu. Senator Emeritus Mercurius is brother to the Emperor. The family is ultra loyal to the Emperor and the Karu are always ready to accept people in search of a role in the Roman world.

The Karu family has been in existence from the very beginning of the Empire. Senator Emeritus Mercurius was the first citizen to live in Romanum and he wanted to give a home to new citizens, who perhaps could not afford their own home. This family of adopted sons, stands for sharing, welcoming new citizens and peace.


The Crest of the family has on it: the Caduceus or staff of the family God Mercurius, to whom they have erected a temple, built above the Lupercal - the Cave of the She-wolf who suckled our city's founders Romulus and his brother Remus. It is to be found below the main body of the temple of the Messenger God, Mercury. Also on the crest is the name of the Family, engraved as in ancient times : KARV. The Background is black to represent the fact that the family has no ambitions towards grandeur, but would live in peace and concord with the rest of the population. 

The family is large and comprises 74 members in all.  The family includes  The Emperor, The Pontifex Maximus, Four Senators, The High Priest of Mercury, a former Governor of Britannia and  noble Citizens. The Karu are friendly,  welcoming and flexible. 


The Karu support the Emperor at all time, encourage role play and develop a home for new arrivals to the Empire. We discourage 'drama', frown on infighting and avoid arguments between family members. 

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