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The Leone-Elen family is an old family which dates back to the time of the Etruscans. They where a mercantile family which made a fortune from trade. The family gained a lot of prestige and power during the time of the Republic throughout the life of the Republic there was always a Leone in the Senate.

The Leones also gained prestige on the battle fields as well fighting with distinction throughout all of the Punic wars, with one member of the family Vipsanius Leone serving as the chief aid of the legendary general Scipio Africanus.

Even when the days of the Republic were at a end that did not derail the power of the Leones. In fact they had served as diplomats and generals for both Julius Caesar, Augustus and Tiberius. The family even rose higher when one member, Lucius, served as head of the Praetorian Guard and became close friends to the Emperor Claudius. Even during the chaos that followed, after the Leones seemed to stand on top, that is until 853 (100 CE).

In that year an unknown plague struck down many of the major male heirs, the oldest being Cato, who at the time was a mere toddler from that time he was groomed to be the heir and was constantly reminded of the greatness of his ancestors. And in the ways, he succeeded them. He became a Chief Diplomat, Pontifex and Senator, serving from the time of his 20s. He has has also achieved the goal of prolonging the line. 

Today the family consists of the head, Senator Cato Leone Elen and his husband Al Leone Elen. Cato's brothers, Damon Collinwood Leone Elen, Emmerick Leone Elen Gallicus, Valerian Leone Elen and Senator Guy Leone. And Cato's sons, Skyrimnar Leone, Allen Walker Leone, Seymour Tungsten Leone, Dyr Leone Elen, and Milo Leone Elen. Skyrimnar has a son (Cato's grandson), Cazeal Stephan Radcliffe.

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