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The History of the Gens Maxima takes its origin in the Ara Maxima Herculis Invicti (Great Altar of the invincible Hercules).  It was built by King Evander (meaning good, strongman), a man who hailed from Arcadia, following the hero Hercules' victory over Cacus, the fire-breathing giant son of Vulcan, on the banks of the Tiber.  It is the oldest and most revered shrine for Hercules in Latium being one of the first cities, Pallatium, of Romanum.

King Evander, who brought the Greek pantheon, laws, and alphabet to Italy, gave the guardianship of the Alter to the first and honored Maximus.  The Clan have cared for it since.  View the physical likeness of most members of the Gens Maximus to the hero's muscular athletic physique.  It is accepted that the first Maximus is a descendant of the Hero. 

The motto of the Maximus clan is "Just for the Love of It!" or "It's all about Love". The family is mid-sized consisting of members from other regions as well as general Romanum. It is a colorful family who all spread Love to others in many philanthropic ways.

Miles Maximus, the Leader of the Clan, Family Patriarch, Tavern Keeper, Senator, and Proconsul of Romanum has chosen well those who would be a member of his family, with Soydan his consort and constant loving companion.  He Loves family and has adopted many of various back grounds and racial heritages.  He has lovingly given them training and schooling in each clan members' particular talents and desires for success in their lives. 

Senator Miles Maximus.png

Proconsul Miles Maximus

Soydan Maximus and Miles Maximus.png

Soydan Maximus and Miles Maximus

Soydan Lenoir Maximus.png

Soydan Lenoir Maximus

Senator Tybalt Caproni.png

Senator Tybalt Caproni

Arnold Maximus.png

Arnold Maximus

GaryMike Maximus.png

GaryMike Maximus

Hole Maximus.png

Hole Maximus


Nando Cris Lenoir Maximus

Dr Narek Siva'nek.png

Dr Narek Siva'nek

Arilani Elen Maximus.png

Arilani Elen Maximus

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