The Octavius family is one of the noblest and affluent families in Romanum.   As a part of the highest social class, they pride themselves in their level of loyalty and courage both for and within the empire.


The family’s lineage includes many influential and prominent members who helped make the Roman Empire the strongest in the world.  The most notable member of this family was Emperor Augustus, who was born Gaius Octavius Thurinus and ruled the Roman Empire for over 40 years and its longest known period of peace.   He considered himself to be one of the people which was a fundamental value in his leadership and a value still strong within the family.


Current members of the family are involved in various branches of government along with civic activities that improve the lives and enjoyment of the Romanum citizens.

Patriarchae (Head of Family):





Stef Octavius

Nero Octavius

Calen Octavius, Jacob Octavius, Caylix Octavius, Joshua Octavius

Desmond Octavius

Servus:      Len Azucar

Stef Octavius

Nero and Caylix Octavius

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