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The ancestor of today's Pompeian family was Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus, a Roman politician and general known as the adversary of Julius Caesar. Until his defeat against Caesar he was considered the most brilliant army commander of his time.

After the defeat at Pharsalos, Gnaeus Pompeius fled to Egypt, where the courtiers of the child king Ptolemy XIII were, on the 28th of September, the day before the 58th birthday of Gnaeus Pompeius.


His severed head was later given to Caesar. Allegedly, Caesar is said to have cried when he saw the decapitated head. He let him, as a sign of his clemency (clementia), be buried.


The family of Pompeia then left Rome unmolested and they withdrew back to their lands, Serena Caicais, in the south of the empire. Without all the political activities, they had a peaceful life on their estates.


After the end of the Julian emperors and they tired of country life, part of the family, with the present Patriarch Petrus Bnaeus Pompeia, came to Romanum. That was in the 6th year of the Emperor Stephanus Galtier, where he was warmly received. 


With Petrus came his cousin Luca  Jhaminus Pompeia and his son Joanis Magnus Pompeia and Joanis' wife, Johanna.


Being thankful for this warm welcome and to serve Romanum for the benefit of the Empire, Petrus took on the task of welcoming the new arrivals in Romanum and accordingly opened an office on the Forum.


The Romanum citizen and patrician, Arminius Germanicus, greatly relieved from early days, Petrus gratefully adopted him as his son and Arminius bears the name Arminius Germanicus Pompeia.


In Year 7 of Emperor Stephanus Galtier, Petrus' companion from youth days, Pax Magnus came to Romanum and felt very welcome in the Pompeia family. Pax saved Petrus from a stormy life and out of gratitude Petrus adopted Pax as his son. Pax bears the name Pax Magnus Pompeia.

On the 12th of June in the Year 9 of the reign of the Imperator Stephanus Galtier, I, Senator ƤЄƬƦƲƧ ƓƝƛЄƲƧ ƤƠMƤЄƖƲƧ have taken Jacob Octavius Drakon, son of the Sƚҽϝ Eɳԃɾιαɠσ Oƈƚαʋιυʂ Dɾαƙσɳ and Nҽɾσ Aɳƚσɳιυʂ Oƈƚαʋιυʂ Dɾαƙσɳ; my husband and partner, my greatest joy and he now takes my name Jacob Octavius Drakon-Pompeius with the blessings of the gods of Romanum.

Petrus and Jacob.jpg

Petrus and Jacob

Family Pompeia

Pax,  Arminus , Petrus,  Johanna , Joanis


Arminus , Petrus , Pax

Joanis  & Johanna



Petrus and Trajan.png

Petrus and Trajan

Trajan Magnus Pomeius is the half brother of Senator Peter Gnaeus Pompeius. Their father Julius Magnus Pompeius m was married in second marriage with Trajan's mother Agrippina from the house of Claudius. Before he came to Rome to support his brother, Trajan carried the latifundia of his family in the province.




In 903 Senator ƤЄƬƦƲƧ ƓƝƛЄƲƧ ƤƠMƤЄƖƲƧ and Tribune Jacob Octavius Drakon-Pompeius adopted Romeo Pompeius as their son.


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