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Aurelius Romanov-Phoenix came from the hinterland from Germania to Romanum. He founded the family Phoenix with his brother Eneas and his son Xanthus.

After a long search, he found his second son Aurelian in the forests of Galicia.

Aurelius and his brother Eneas joined the Legion of Romanum to protect the Empire. They are also successful fighters in the gladiators.

On his many journeys, he met his husband, Alexi Romanov. a little later both married in Romanum.

Alexi Romanov came from the far north Baltic people, and fought his way west to Romanum, where he saw his future husband and fell in love. Together they married and started raising a family in Romanum, serving together as Gladiators (Alexi is Champion of Romanum) and Legionaries of Romanum.

On a trip to Aurelius' old home, Germania, he found an old scroll of his family, who spoke of a second brother. After prolonged search, he found his missing brother Chris Phoenix and took him home to Romanum.

Aurelius and Alexi

Aurelius and Alexi 

Eneas and Aurelius  in  the Legion

Xanthus and his husband Lesly and Aurelius

Sons Aurelian and Xanthus

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