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The founding of Rome took place with a violence that reflects the political and military conflict among the great families of Rome. Romulus murdered Remus because he had jumped over the city wall, proclaimed himself king and renamed the city in his honor. The patrician families of Rome claim to be descended from the adventurers, exiles, and warriors that Romulus recruited to establish his city. The Scipions are one of these ancient lineages.


Scipio (Latin "stick"; plural: Scipiones) was the nickname (cognomen) of the most famous branch of the Roman patrician family of the Cornelii, which probably goes back to the Cornelii Malugenses. During the Punic Wars against Carthage, in particular, several members of the family made a name for themselves, e.g. Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus (* 235 BC in Rome; † 183 BC.) Their famous family grave was on the Via Appia in front of the Porta Capena, where their bodies were buried unburned in sarcophagi in underground chambers.

They belong to the Optimates, the nobility of the city, and have been for several generations. They are important people, accustomed to the privileges of their rank and the exercise of power, who use both to fulfill the ambitions of Rome and their own families. They have also produced capable politicians and generals - in Rome both belonged closely together, because political success can rarely be achieved without success on the battlefield.

The Scipions are unusual in some ways for an ancient Roman family. So they are interested in Greek scholarship and culture, which surprises the conservatives (and Romans are generally conservative). Nonetheless, with their non-Roman nature, the Scipions have the political skills and military expertise to make their family one of the largest in Rome. While they may only directly control a few provinces in Italy and Sicily, their ambitions are limitless ... and realistic.

Currently, Skip Scipio, a born Greek and adopted by Lucius Scipio at the age of 12, is the Commanding General of the Romanum Legion.

Lucius Scipio's biological son, Luc (and thus Skip Scipio's older brother), who never thought much of duties and hard work, made it to the rank of Optio in the Legion, but is currently considered missing. Rumor has it that he was seen with outlaws.

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