Emperor Stephanus Galtier

I, Caesar, The Mighty Lord and Master of Romanum, Stephanus Galtier, was born on December 26th in the Romanum year 858 (105 CE) in the city of Loupian along the Mediterranean coast in the Romanum province of Gallia Narbonensis during the reign of the great Caesar Trajan. My father was a simple blacksmith, Vernon Galtier who married my mother, the patrician Greek, Glykeria Opoulos. My mother was the daughter of Stephanus Opoulos.

Because of the influence my mother's father had with the Romanum Legion, I was chosen to serve at the age of 16 in the Romanum year 875 (122 CE). I quickly rose in rank due to my valor and great courage fighting along side many fine Romanum men until I attained the rank of Commanding General  at the tender age of 23 in the Romanum year 882 (129 CE). I was chosen by Caesar Hadrian to lead the Romanum Legion against Bar Kokhba of Judea, known as the Bar Kokhba revolt or Third Jewish–Roman War. This long war was fought from 885 (132 CE) until final victory in 889 (136 CE).

I returned to Romanum and a grateful Caesar who first appointed me a Senator and then the Prefect of the Praetorian Guards before his death in the Romanum year 891 (138 CE). When the next Caesar, Antoninus Pius, suddenly died on January 15th, in the Romanum year 893 (140 CE), I was declared Caesar by acclamation of the Praetorian Guard, the Romanum Legion and the Romanum Senate.

It is now the Romanum year of 903 (150 CE) and I rule over a peaceful Empire secure in the knowledge I rule with fairness and justice, rewarding those who serve me well and punishing those who dare to break the law or rise up against Romanum and it's Emperor.

I married my most loyal consort, Regulus Antius Rufus, in a lavish ceremony in 898 (145 CE):

May Jupiter grant the Emperor long life and Apollo shine down on all Romanums!

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