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    Ixion Parthicus
    Apr 15

    Romanum Senate Minutiae 14APR

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    Senators: D Rad Parthicus, Sted Endriago Drakon, Strymon Odrysius Parthicus, Janu Shimada Vindelici, Aurelius Romanov-Phoenix, Petrus Gaius Pompeius, Tybalt Caproni, Miles Maximus, Gaius Antigos


    Citizens: Zarek Antonius, Pax Magnus Pompeius, Alexi Romanov-Phoenix, Venetius Metellus, Asharr Furius Panius, Ras Parthicus, Gaius Quinctius Flamininus, Helios of Dacia, Desiderium Baiae, Prince JinChang Floreo Karu, Popov, Skip Scipio


    Apologies: Emperor Stephanus Galtier



    Salvete my friends and family. That is what you all are to me and I hope to each other. We do not always get along, but we are all genuinely committed to this community and this special place we have built here. From time to time we are all called upon to be our best selves, to set aside differences, to soften our words with one another and to remember that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

    This is one such time.

    As all of you should know by now, Regulus, the dear husband of our beloved Emperor is ill and is going through surgeries and probably a long recovery. Our Caesar has chosen, as is right to do, to be with his husband in the RL, to emphasize his role as partner, caregiver, companion and soul mate to he who is most important. I ask you all to send your prayers and thought to the Emperor and to Regulus. AND, I ask you all to take your own role here seriously. We can survive and even thrive in the Emperor's absence because we are a family. He is, clearly, the Pater Familias. And if he has done his job well, which I believe he has, then our family, our Romanum Family is on firm footing. You have in this room many strong and capable leaders

    Consul Stef and I are in regular contact with the emperor and have agreed to keep small things off his table. We need to burden him with this stuff when he has so much more to focus on. So, bring things to the Consuls and Proconsuls, to the Tribunes and Senators... step up to the plate yourself and keep the wheels in motion. Let us make Romanum sparkle for the Emperor and dear Regulus when they return. This is your charge and this is the thing I know we can all do.

    Long live Caesar and long live the Empire!!



    The Welcome Centre was completed for move down as commanded by His Highness on the due date set at the previous meeting, and facilitated by his gracious participation, with the aid of Edward Ballinger. I would particularly like to thank Ed, Lead Tribune Ras Parthicus, Tribune Popov and all the other citizens and noble romans who aided us in the construction of this new Centre, which we hope will provide a much better and more informative introduction to our great city for visitors in the first instance.

    Of course this is just the beginning of the work which is ongoing. There are several elements to be refined and completed, such as the histories to be dispensed from each of the Noble Family Crests, improving the Welcome Pack and various other small modifications and additions, together with regular updates for all information at suitable points in the future.

    It is hoped, as Great Stephanus indicated at the last Senate, that the Welcome Centre Group will be retained so that members can update their own material as often as necessary, while of course the Imperial and City matters will continue to be in the control of the Emperor, Consuls and Proconsuls.

    It has been a singular honour to be entrusted with such an important and highly complex task, which I hope I have prosecuted to the best of my abilities, such as they are.



    In March, Romanum celebrated the festivals of Mars and Minerva, thanks to Flamines Kaeso and Petrus.


    The Olympics ands Anniversary celebrations took place in late March. Congratulations to all the participants. Thanks to those who helped arrange events and lay out courses, including Kaeso, Markus, Petrus, Popov, Ras and Tybalt


    Honours list of Olympic champions:



    Gold Ixion Parthicus Ἰξίων Παρθίκος (uroskin)

    Silver Tybalt Caproni

    Bronze Gaius Antonius Menelaus (gage.colinsgrove)


    Horse race

    Gold Gaius Quinctius Flamininus (finnmcculloch)

    Silver Tybalt Caproni

    Bronze Talos Raven Westland (talospup) and Strymon Odrysius Parthicus (strimon)



    Gold ƛƲŔЄԼƖƲŞ ŔƠMƛƝƠѴ-ƤӇƠЄƝƖҲ (becon77)

    Silver Tom Wyoming (zerotsm)

    Bronze ƛԼЄҲƖ ŔƠMƛƝƠѴ-ƤӇƠЄƝƖҲ (alexbeauchamp)



    Gold ƛƲŔЄԼƖƲŞ ŔƠMƛƝƠѴ-ƤӇƠЄƝƖҲ (becon77)

    Silver ƛԼЄҲƖ ŔƠMƛƝƠѴ-ƤӇƠЄƝƖҲ (alexbeauchamp)

    Bronze Tybalt Caproni



    Gold Janu Shimada Vindelici (januarius)

    Silver Ruggeris Britannicus (ripstriprugger)

    Bronze MERCVRIVS (eyejac.karu)



    Gold Tom Wyoming (zerotsm)

    Silver Tybalt Caproni

    Bronze Ixion Parthicus Ἰξίων Παρθίκος (uroskin)



    Gold Ludo (ugolito)

    Silver Ixion Parthicus Ἰξίων Παρθίκος (uroskin)


    Military horse

    Gold Strymon Odrysius Parthicus (strimon)

    Silver Tybalt Caproni



    Gold Ras Parthicus (rhodes.rasmuson)

    Silver Ludo (ugolito)

    Silver Janu Shimada Vindelici (januarius)



    Gold Nҽɾσ Aɳƚσɳιυʂ Oƈƚαʋιυʂ Dɾαƙσɳ (benji.mirajkar)

    Silver Strymon Odrysius Parthicus (strimon)

    Bronze ƛƲŔЄԼƖƲŞ ŔƠMƛƝƠѴ-ƤӇƠЄƝƖҲ (becon77)



    Gold ƛԼЄҲƖ ŔƠMƛƝƠѴ-ƤӇƠЄƝƖҲ (alexbeauchamp)

    Silver Eneas2015 Resident:

    Bronze Janu Shimada Vindelici (januarius)



    Gold Markus Parthicus-Vindelici (marcanton.zehetbauer) (Now Ariel)

    Silver Tybalt Caproni

    Bronze Tom Wyoming (zerotsm)


    Chariot race

    Gold Ras Parthicus (rhodes.rasmuson)

    Silver Lυcα Fαвισ Aтlαитιѕ (maarlon.bluebird)

    Bronze Nҽɾσ Aɳƚσɳιυʂ Oƈƚαʋιυʂ Dɾαƙσɳ (benji.mirajkar)


    This weekend, Flamen Gaius has held a festival to Ceres, with Rector Tybalt holding special games.


    On 21 April, Flamen Callixtus of Venus will hold a Vinalia Urbana, for our winegrowers.


    Floralia will be 28 April - 4 May. Events include a circus, a garden contest, an art contest, and a performance by Prince Jin. If anyone would like to add an event, please contact me.


    Later in the year, Jin also plans to perform a play written by Prince Regulus. If you would like to assist, please contact him.



    Apologies for the RPC not meeting the last few months. RL responsibilities and manufactured SL drama have impeded my ability to hold meetings. I will be setting up a meeting in the next few weeks to get the committee back on track. I also want to reiterate a point that has been made at almost all of the RPC Meetings - the RPC is not the governing body for RP in ROM (that is very apparent since RP, in various forms, continues in ROM). The committee is meant more to facilitate and assist those who have needs or do not know how to formulate/prepare an RP event. Therefore (and, again, as has continued in ROM), RP events can (and have) continued even though the RPC has not met.

    In terms of information to convey, I know that some in ROM including the Consuls and the Emperor were concerned about our RP interaction with the Alexandrians (due to their adaptation of an alternative RP timeline in which Octavian lost and now Marcus and Cleopatra rule the Roman Empire from Egypt, calling it the Roman Eastern Empire. I met with them in January to discuss this and we laid out some preliminary talking points but that was superseded by a message I received from them at the beginning of March, in which they indicated that the "Roman Eastern Empire is dead.” Without getting into the details (which were scant in the first place), they made this decision due to inactivity by that faction of people in their lands (on their sim). They also indicated that Marcus is no longer Emperor due to inactivity and even if he comes back, they would not accept him as the Emperor - "those days are over.” Therefore concerns voiced here in ROM about how to interact with the Alexandrians due to their Emperor and alternative RP scenario are now moot. The Alexandrians have returned to their original Egyptian RP roots (as they were when we first met them) and I will be looking to coordinate events with them in the future



    First and foremost, we the Tribunes and Plebeians of Romanum, pray for our beloved Emperor Stephanus Galtier and his husband RegulusAntius Rufus that the Gods might bestow upon them all the favours for a speedy recovery and return to Romanum. Ita Est

    The Tribunate continues to follow-up a number of matters outstanding from last year and I am happy to say that some progress has been made on most issues.

    In the absence of Caesar, I have met with Consul Rad recently concerning a number of items discussed at the last Plebeian Meeting. The aim being to resolve issues without a lot of scrolls flowing backwards and forwards between the different arms of government.

    One of the items was to do with the status of the Servi/Slaves - and we welcome the Agenda Item concerning the formation of the Group - with the task of making a final proposal within one month's time and reporting to the Consuls.

    Further issues discussed with Consul Rad included:-

    - Upgrading the free outfit in the giveaway kits at the Welcome Centre - I am working on this (having different copies of a Toga for the classic and all the mesh body types is a challenge);

    - Attendance at the Welcome Centre to greet new visitors - I will be encouraging my servi to check out the Welcome Centre from time to time and will endeavour to do so myself. I am hoping that Tribunes and Senators will also take the opportunity to greet visitors to the Romanum Welcome Centre.

    - The matter of trees, especially Romanum V, will be held in abeyance until the Emperor returns to take up full duties.

    The Tribunate also congratulates Ruggeris Britannicus for his Overseeing of the successful Renovation of the Welcome Centre along with a number of other citizens.

    Please note also that I am looking at a competition to produce recent videos of Romanum and activities in the City. Any assistance in donating prize money for such a competition would be welcome.

    Zarek Antonius: I am happy to offer my assistance with the outfit (I know the pains of dealing with multiple AV types as that is what I - or more precisely, my resource - had to deal with regarding the Senatorial Toga)



    I will convene a working group with the task of making a final proposal within one month's time. There has been plenty of discussion, so I really think we need action now. I will act as the group chair, but it shall have appropriate representation from the key bodies., Senate, Tribune, Slaver, slaves, temples if there is a direct connection. Anyone who wishes to share information, ideas that have not already been shared a million times, should contact a member of the working group.

    I have actually invited almost all of the representatives noted and we will start to meet soon. This is not a group to debate policy, but rather to take what we've already debated and put it into a document for ratification.



    The Pan's Shrine site at Pompeii has finally been renovated to now be Antinous Academy. Special thank you to my brothers Agrippa and Ptolemy for building the Academy and putting up with me during the build. Consul Rad, Strymon, Rasberia and the Emperor for there help with the land issues.

    The Antinous Academy will be open to all citizens and will function as a gallery and teaching area. The focus of the Academy to start with will be to promotion and encouragement of photography in sl and the male form. Titusremus will be the curator of the gallery and i hope to have him teaching basic photography classes starting May on Saturdays for an hour.

    It is planned that the Academy is also and extension of Titus's current group Faunication which i make static modeling poses for. Faunication is a small group run to promote photography and all poses are given out free only no charge is made on photos or poses.

    The monthly group pose gift will be available at the Academy for those who are interested.

    All are welcome to use the Academy to run classes or events.


    Prince JinChang Floreo Karu: Isn't there a competition clause that states only one group can be doing the same thing? Isn't Popov's gallery the same? I know this from my dealings with wolf and a group him and I had together.

    Janu Shimada Vindelici: Personally, I think there's an opportunity for the two arts facilities to work together. I'd encourage conversation between you. And promote each other.

    Zarek Antonius: Could you explain the [Antinous] Academy name choice - as it is not affiliated with the Antonius family in any way - I don't want there to be confusion.

    Asharr Furius Panius: Antinous Academy is named after the last Roman Divinity Antinous the lover of Hadrian who drowned in Egypt thought it may look like Antonius it is not and i confer with Zarek the Academy has nothing to do with the House of Antonius unless members wish to study there.

    For Rad's question the LM will be sent out shortly for the Academy which is situated on the river bank at Pompeii, the first notice should be sent this week informing about classes.

    Lastly to Jin's question about a competition clause the Academy is designed for not only a gallery which is the main part but to hold classes for photography and any other class that any citizen wishes to hold, on checking the group notices from the Romanum groups I have yet to see any classes announced in the last few months and doubt i have seen one in the last year, therefore i do not see a competition, Though Jin if you can show me say an Photography class notice i will stand corrected.

    Prince JinChang Floreo Karu: So it's not a gallery? Just a school? Ours is a gallery and no we do not offer classes. However Popov does hold many art competitions.



    As flamen legatus of the temple of Minerva, I'll say a little prayer for the healing of Regulus, on behalf of all of us

    Oh, Mighty Jupiter, I plead for Your blessings upon our Emperor and his husband Regulus. Oh Mighty Mercurius, I plead for Your blessings. Oh, Mighty Apollo and Mighty Aesculapius,we ask that you protect the husband of our Emperor and grant him healing so again, joy in Rome reigns.



    Janu Shimada Vindelici: First, can I just remind you about the garden contest, and notices will go out about Floralia art.

    Ras Parthicus: The next Plebeian Meeting will be held in the Rostra Sunday 28 April at a time to be announced.

    Zarek Antonius: Two points - I: Apologies to Asharr, I did misread the name but am appreciative of his explanation nonetheless; and II: we have things in order back on our ancestral island, we will provide more information about the family and how you can visit our home.

    As I’m sure you all have seen played out on various platforms, the Antonii have had internal family issues over the last several months. As with all family matters, we prefer to keep the details private, as they relate to the family and not the general public (though sadly, some do not continue to hold that belief now that they are no longer Antonii). As a result, the family has changed and only those who have the Antonius name and are part of the Antonii of Rome Family Group are actual members of our family. The Antonii Head of the Family is now Dαмισи Draco Aήţόήίùş. The Four Consiliario for the family are Dαмισи Draco Aήţόήίùş; myself (Zarek Antonius); Xal Antonius; and Gaius Antonius Menelaus. I remain the Family Scribe. We are currently back at our ancestral home for the time being. Both Gaius Antonius Menelaus and myself have small homes in Pompeii should anyone need to reach us (and any of The Four Consiliario are reachable via NCs passed along to us, as IMs get capped). Once we have things in order back on our ancestral island, we will provide more information about the family and how you can visit our home.


    Meeting adjourned.

    Next Open Senate meeting on Sunday 19 May at 11am SLT




    Ixion Parthicus Ἰξίων Παρθικος

    Senate Scribe

    Apr 15

    Thank you all for a chance to get to better understand the inner workings of the Romanium society. I hope to be able to help by keeping an eye on the new welcome center. Help new journey men to be able to join in the culture we are proud to represent, serve at the Bacchus temple and be available to anyone who may need assistance.

    Boby of Collinwood. ( Boby Coralsprings resident )

    New Posts
    • Ixion Parthicus
      Nov 11

      SENATUS POPULUSQUE ROMANUM MINUTIAE OPEN SENATE meeting on 10NOV2019 Present: Emperor Stephanus Galtier Senators: Booker Benningborough, Damon Leone RoB, Janu Shimada Vindelici, Petrus Gnaeus Pompeius, Strymon Odrysius Parthicus, Tybalt Caproni, Ulrik, Aurelius Romanov-Phoenix Proconsuls: Alexi Romanov-Phoenix Tribunes: Popov Huldschinsky, Ras Parthicus, Ruggeris Britannicus Citizens: Alexander Richard, Caylix Octavius Azucar, duracuir, Ix Parthicus, Joby, Jonny, Miles Maximus, Qarbon Leone, Pax Magnus Pompeius, Rasberia D Parthicus, RegulusAntius Rufus, Sir Helios of Dacia, Velkian Proxies: Senator Strymon Odrysius Parthicus for Consul D Rad Parthicus, Caylix Octavius Azucar for Senator Nero Antonius Octavius Drakon Scribe duties: Joby I. CITY EVENTS CO-ORDINATORS REPORT by ƤЄƬƦƲƧ ƓƝƛЄƲƧ ƤƠMƤЄƖƲƧ - Emperor's Ball will take place 16 November. Watch for notices. If you are sent a personal invitation, please reply to advise whether you can attend or not. This is to allow Prince Jin to plan animations. - Mr Romanvm is on hold, pending review by the Senate, as agreed at the last Senate meeting. Will this progress? - Saturnalia is due to start 13 December. Proposed schedule: ** Friday 13th December: 12:00 SLT openings Ceremony - by the Pontifex Maximus 12:30 SLT banquet with classical music - By Flamen Petrus 14:00 SLT Saturnalia Dance - Tybalt ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ** Saturday 14th December: 09:00 SLT Saturnalia Chariots Racing 10:00 SLT Saturnalia Gladiators fight 11:00 SLT Gladiator & Charioteer Appreciation Dance 14:00h SLT Saturnalia Dance - Tybalt ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Thursday 19th Dec, 12pm Senators Janu and Petrus present Orpheus, a musical drama. Also, planned special events include an art contest and an architecture competition, If anyone else wishes to add to the programme, please contact Janu. - Anniversary celebrations: While this is being planned by the Senate, all are encouraged to plan events. It's important to get event on the calendar. If you want to include an event, please contact Janu. He will be back 15th November. Velkian: May not be a question directly for Petrus, but I got notice of Saturnalia Photo Competition with no mention of prizes. Why advertise a competition without advertising the prize? Is it expected that you compete for what? Popov Huldschinsky: I thought the notice sent was quite explicit concerning the prize, should you care to read the note which attached to it. It is also mentioned to contact me should you have any queries. Velkian: a prize of 10,000 shared is what to the winner ? Popov Huldschinsky: I am sorry to see that interested party is only concerned with a money reward and not the pleasure of participating. II. TRIBUNATE MEETING REPORT by Tribune leader Ras Parthicus - The Plebeian Assembly approved a proposal at its last meeting for a test of the zCS meter system. This proposal is now before the Leadership Group. - Wagering at the Hippodrome: this is dependent upon approval to test the zCS meter in Romanum and use the coin system therein. - Items in Abeyance: The suggestion concerning horse races will be furthered once the Chariot participation enhancements have been actioned. - Welcome Centre: to date there have been 1635 visitors to the Centre since 19 June 2019. - Membership of the Two Romanum Groups: 09 Jul 19 28 Sep 19 27 Oct 19 Net change Sep to Oct Empire of Romanum 662 661 661 (3 joined, 3 left) Romanum VIPs 1257 1273 1270 (12 joined, 15 left) - The Emperor has announced "The election for next year's Tribunate is coming up. We need a minimum of five candidates. Current Tribunes can run again. New candidates can also run. This is an important role in Romanum's leadership elected by the people. The time to campaign will be November 10-23. Voting will be November 24-December 7. If a tie-breaking election is needed, that will be December 8-21." - The next meeting of the Plebeian Assembly will be held 24 November 2019 at 8am SLT in the Pompeii Court House. Your attendance is always welcome. Emperor Stephanus Galtier: Regarding the Tribune election. I will be putting up a board today for candidates to display their picture. Also they will be allowed to put up their own campaign poster. Janu will help guide that. I am looking for another person to help Janu. Contact Janu for now. The picture board: candidates can add their own faces themselves. Ruggeris Britannicus : Can I remark that to stand as a candidate is also a commitment to attend the Tribunate meetings. This can be a problem in some time zones, but it is expected that a Tribune will actually serve, not just accept the title. Jonny: Do I understand that candidates may post a photo directly but should contact Janu regarding putting up a campaign poster? Emperor Stephanus Galtier: Correct Jonny Velkian: will there be a halt on membership to the Empire group before the voting, and is it only Empire group members who can vote? Emperor Stephanus Galtier: In order to be a candidate, you must be a member of the Empire of Romanum at least 60 days. To vote, you must be a member of the Empire of Romanum on the day you vote. By the way, I was just informed by Janu that Petrus and Ulrik will also assist in Tribune campaign poster questions as well as counting the votes. Done Sir HELIOS of Dacia: the question i have is: do campaign posters have to be passed by Janu even if they are posted on private lands, i.e. villas and the like? Booker Beningborough: I would say that if they are on private land..that is up to the owner. I believe the Emperor was referring to posters posted in the Forum. Emperor Stephanus Galtier: Candidates for the Tribune are only permitted one campaign poster in the Rostra as specified in the Constitution: https://www.romanum.net/constitvtion-of-romanvm Janu Shimada Vindelici: What I have tried to avoid is negative comments about other candidates. I don't want us to do rewrites of manifestos. III. UPDATE ON THE FUTURE OF ROMANUM DEBATE Booker Beningborough: I will say that preliminary discussion has taken place concerning Committees being organized for the upcoming Tenth Anniversary of Romanum. More work/discussion will occur. The Senators want to get past Saturnalia first. Emperor Stephanus Galtier: I just wanted to say I have gotten some private comments regarding the future of Romanum that I will turn over to you, Booker, as I get them. Ruggeris Britannicus: I just wanted to remark that I'm not sure I would have made private comments to the Emperor if it had been stated they would be turned over to third parties. Janu Shimada Vindelici: I repeat what Rugger said. I assumed any comments were confidential. I assumed the Emperor would prepare his own summary to share. Emperor Stephanus Galtier: Correct, Janu. I am not turning over directly the comments made, but a composite of ideas not attributed to any one person. Booker Beningborough: Yes, I do not want to violate others' comments that they do not feel comfortable to remit to me. IV. BUSINESS FROM THE FLOOR Booker Beningborough: I publicly wish to commend Senator Tybalt for his desire to keep the Gladiators group filled with good men. Next Senate meeting Sunday 8DEC at 11:00am. Gratitude, Joby and Ix Parthicus ἸΞ ΠΑΡΘΙΚΟΣ Senate Scribe team
    • Ixion Parthicus
      Oct 14

      SENATUS POPULUSQUE ROMANUM MINUTIAE of the SENATE meeting 13OCT2019 Present: Emperor Stephanus Galtier Consuls: D Rad Parthicus, Stef Endriago Octavius Drakon Proconsuls: Aurelius Romanov-Phoenix Senators: Booker Beningborough (Senate leader), Alexi Romanov-Phoenix, Janu Shimada Vindelici, Nero Antonius Octavius Drakon, Tybalt Caproni, Strymon Odrysius Parthicus, Petrus Gnaeus Pompeius Tribunes: Ras Parthicus (Tribune leader), Ruggeris Britannicus, Ariel Parthicus-Vindelici Citizens: Sir Helios of Dacia, C4 Leone Rob, Emmerick Leone FOHR, Jeffery Xenobuilder, Caylix Octavius Azucar, Jonny, Joshua Octavius Azucar, Velkian, Clay, Alexander Richard I. CITY EVENTS REPORT by Senator Janu Shimada-Vindelici Sadly the Palace ball is postponed. Strymon is arranging a stage play for 26 October. We are trying to fix a date for Mr Romanum. And we will start planning Saturnalia for December. Any related events welcome. II. TRIBUNATE REPORT by Tribune leader Ras Parthicus I have to report that with the resignation of Tribune Asharr there are now 4 members of the Tribunate. The Plebeian Assembly approved a proposal at its last meeting for a test of the zCS meter system, to determine if it would enhance role playing throughout Romanum and Pompeii. The proposal has been submitted to the Senate for their consideration. Wagering at the Hippodrome - A proposal for accepting wagers on Chariot events at the Hippodrome is being worked on. Implementation is dependent on approval to test the zCS meter in Romanum and use the coin system therein. A system for accepting wagers has been developed, though there are a number of issues to be clarified. Horse Racing meetings - Citizens using their own horses. Implementation requires a venue, funds to purchase infrastructure and interested citizens to be involved and run it. This item is also tied in with proposed betting at the Chariots. Welcome Centre - to date there have been 1350+ visitors to the Centre since 19 June 2019. The next meeting of the Plebeian Assembly will be held 27 October 2019 at 8am SLT in the Pompeii Court House. Your attendance is always welcome. Emperor Stephanus Galtier: Our constitution calls for a special election to fill his seat.. However, given we are close to the 2020 elections, we will not have the special election. I will announce soon the dates for the 2020 Tribunate election. Ras Parthicus: I believe we can manage most of our programme for this year with 4 tribunes. Tybalt Capron: Re: zcs is functional and synchronized in Romanum regions and has been since March to accommodate Legion and Gladiator members needs. Alexi, Skip and I are administering it so it is unobtrusive and synchronized. But available as needed. It should be transparent if not used. Velkian: if its already there whats the issue guess anyone can use if they want but don't see why you'll totally need it to be all use? III. MOTION: "To invite the consuls to share their vision for the future of Romanum, and how it might be implemented" by Senator Janu Shimada-Vindelici Emperor Stephanus Galtier: Ironically Rad, Stef and I have had brief chats about this very thing as we approach the 10th anniversary of Romanum in March 2020. Romanum has been around a long time by SL standards. We have seen many changes in 10 years, and many people come and go. But we have also had a dedicated leadership for which Romanum could not survive without. As you all know, I founded Romanum in 2010. I founded a niche market - a gay men's ancient Roman RP world. There have been a few imitators who have come and gone. We have had our share of ups and downs - some near fatal. As hard as many people have worked to keep Romanum fresh and interesting, it is a VERY HARD thing to do. We all have real lives. And new ideas and carrying them out take a lot of work. Just single events can take a large amount of effort and time let alone ongoing interesting roleplay. When I setup Romanum I wanted there to be roleplay and I still do. But Romanum would not make roleplay mandatory as some sims do. Some like that, some don't. Those who don't many have left. But regardless, there cannot be enough roleplay events as far as I am concerned and I encourage them. But once again it take real effort and time. Of course day to day roleplay is easier. It just takes a commitment to that. One of my fears has been burn out. We have a small handful of people who work their asses off to keep Romanum interesting. And I fear they will burn out. But because it is hard work, few volunteer. I see no easy answer to that. Looking toward the 10th anniversary, I want us as a community to decide if we want Romanum to continue. And if so (I hope so) what can we do to make things fresher, and interesting? What can we do to recruit more volunteers to do the work and help those who already work hard? What can we do to attract more citizens? I make a proposal - that we form a 10th anniversary committee - who will not only help plan the big 10th anniversary party, but also propose things we can do to renew Romanum. I'd like to see both leaders and ordinary citizens on that committee. Who would volunteer to organize that committee? Sƚҽϝ Eɳԃɾιαɠσ Oƈƚαʋιυʂ Dɾαƙσɳ: As the Emperor has stated, the 3 of us have had brief conversations about this very topic. He has pretty much outline the main thoughts we have all had. With that being said, the one thing I would like for us to have again is an RP with another community for joint events/activities. I think this would be beneficial across the board. But as the Emperor has stated, finding individuals that want to take on the commitment of organizing and spear heading these kinds of things can be a challenge. RL is always a priority, but hopefully now that the "summer" months are behind us we can see more people around SL and Romanum as a whole. I would welcome anyone who has ideas/suggestions to send them directly to the Consuls. We do try to meet regularly, and this is a very important topic for all of us. D. Rad Parthicus: This is an important topic and one that I think about often, as do The Emperor and Consul Stef. I think a fuller answer from the Consuls would require a more formal discussion among the three of us, and of course with input from Romanum's leaders and citizens. What you hear today are three linked, but individual perspectives. As you know, I recently closed Romanum VI, which was a sad, but necessary reaction to the lack of residents in my other sims. People do not realize it, but we don't really make any profit on the sim. Instead, rentals help to pay for things like the Legion fort, many temples, and other public buildings. Sadly, then, this is a factor in our overall health. I mention this only to suggest that we are all noticing that things are slow at the moment and are reacting in what we hope are reasonable and responsible ways. And, importantly, this includes welcoming all ideas and input as we move forward. Although I've not had a chance to discuss this with my colleagues, I am planning to introduce the idea of a Manhattan Project type effort to focus on roleplay and the ways in which it can be made sustainable, innovative and attractive. Building from the idea of a 10th Anniversary Committee, I actually think this body, the Senate, should take the lead on some of these initiatives. I have heard from a number of you that you want the Senate appointment to mean something more tangible and engaging and with real impact. So why not create a Committee for the 10th Anniversary, and a Committee on Roleplay, a Committee on inter-sim relations, another on Mr Romanum, and whatever else will help us thrive. I think what you are hearing today is that we need and want your help, your input, leadership. We all are in this room because we love this place and the community that lives and plays (and role plays) here. It is up to all of us, every man here, to see that we survive and thrive for a long time. Emperor Stephanus Galtier: I like Consul Rad's idea that the Romanum Senate take the lead on this. But I want the Senate to seek input from all walks of life including the Tribunate, the Gladiators and Legion, the Religious community, Landowners and ordinary citizens. The Senate can organize this quest as they please - one committee or multiple committees. I like Rad's general breakdown. The 10th anniversary (which our event coordinators head - but the 10th anniversary is a big deal), roleplay, and other ideas. With that said, as the leader of the Senate, I wish to appoint Senator Booker to organize this effort and work with people as needed. I want a report every month at our Senate meetings. Oh, the Consuls and I should be consulted and kept in the loop too with discussions. Discussion: Nҽɾσ Aɳƚσɳιυʂ Oƈƚαʋιυʂ Dɾαƙσɳ: I agree with the Emperor and I appreciate that Booker is the right person to lead this overall effort. Therefore, I make a motion that the Senators meet within the next two weeks to discuss this, create a structure, and begin this important work! Janu Shimada Vindelici raises a hand "Seconded". Booker Beningborough: As Senate Lead, I am only allowed to vote in case of a tie. However, I would like to record an Abstain in the official record. [Votes cast all in favour] Booker Beningborough: The Ayes have the majority in the motion. Therefore it passes. I shall try to perform this duty with the much needed help of the Senate. Clay: I am new here to Romanum, and am very pleased to hear of these future plans - as a simple man - I would like to volunteer to sit on the committee devoted to Roleplaying. I would also state ---the people often say much study is done by committees but seldom if anything comes of it!---I hope this will not be the case. Ariel Parthicus-Vindelici: I think the question of more or less RP in Romanum is as old as Romanum itself. My opinion is, Romanum as a whole is too big for RP, it worked better in past with maybe 4 sims. So possibly there should be 3 or 4 strictly RP sims and the rest as residential and no RP sims. Tybalt Caproni: I want to say something I think applies to much of what’s been discussed today: We have existing artists, residents, assets & men who are already here wanting a chance to contribute & have their existing work & ideas showcased. I think looking outwards is beneficial but recognizing activating & utilizing talents and assets in place provided by the men already here should be a MUCH larger focus, i.e. our own come first. Nҽɾσ Aɳƚσɳιυʂ Oƈƚαʋιυʂ Dɾαƙσɳ: I think Tybalt is right and the Senate will only serve to lead and organize these efforts. All of the creative and dedicated people at all levels will be needed to make it work. AND, I wanted to reassure the Senate Lead that I have every intention of helping with this effort and I am sure my colleagues do as well. As a future Legionnaire might say, some 1300 years from now, "many hands make light work". Sir HELIOS of Dacia: I just wish to say that i as the head of my family offer all our public buildings and land. i.e. Park, Temple and Stable to the committee yet to be set up as a venue as they see fit. I offer my humble services to this committee as well. Long live Romanum long live our Emperor. Janu Shimada Vindelici: I’m grateful for your comments, Consuls. I’m also grateful for the support from fellow Senators and Citizens. As a lead co-ordinator I’m happy to work on the Anniversary Celebrations, I hope with my colleague, Ariel. However, the task is massive, and, as our dear Emperor said, the Co-ordinators cannot do it alone. I hope these suggestions will make the Anniversary a massive success. Ariel Parthicus-Vindelici: Ariel will of course support you, Senator Janu. IV. IMPERIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS by Emperor Stephanus Galtier - Cato Leone is being reappointed as the Flamen of the Bacchus Temple. However, this needs to be confirmed by the Pontifex Maximus. He will make the formal announcement. - I want to commend General Skip and his leadership team to their dedication to the Romanum Legion and to encourage men to join this august body. Next Senate meeting Sunday 10NOV at 11:00am Gratitude, Ix Parthicus ἸΞ ΠΑΡΘΙΚΟΣ Senate Scribe
    • Ixion Parthicus
      Sep 9

      SENATUS POPULUSQUE ROMANUM MINUTIAE SENATE MEETING 8 SEP2019 Present: Emperor Stephanus Galtier Proconsul: Miles Maximus Senators: Aurelius Romanov-Phoenix, Janu Shimada-Vindelici (acting senate leader), Petrus Gnaeius Pompeius, Tybalt Caproni Citizens: Stefanos, Ulrik, Ras Parthicus, Jonny, Duracuir, Tim Johnson, Sir Helios of Dacia, Popov Apologias: Stef Endriago Octavius Drakon, D Rad Parthicus, Ruggeris Brittanicus, Booker Beningborough I. IMPERIAL APPOINTMENT Pontifex Ulrik was sworn in as new Senator of Romanum. II. CITY EVENTS by Senator Jany Shimada-Vindelici - Past events: Thanks to DJ Jelseen, who has taken over as resident DJ at Neptune's. - Future events: I ask again, whether anyone is interested in helping Senator Petrus and me, in organising Mr Romanum, this year. Saturnalia will be in December. Jin has a palace ball planned in early October. - Absence: Senator Janu am travelling 9-20 September, and may have limited time here. III. TRIBUNATE REPORT by Tribune leader Ras Parthicus - Video competition: An amended entry form for the Video Competition was issued through the two Romanum groups on 1 July. Regretfully, no entries were received by 31 August. - PRIDE 2019: The Romanum Pavilion at PRIDE is open till early 2020 and still attracts visitors. One thing that does need to be followed up is that we have the Pavilion for 10 months - what else can we do there that will attract more people to Romanum. - Outfits for New Citizens: The Emperor has agreed to a "Romanum" toga being given to new Citizens (distinct from the Welcome Centre giveaways). Arrangements to be made with the Proconsuls responsible for processing citizenship applications. - Role Play: Discussions continue concerning more public fun & participation at the Chariots (rp betting, a "dark" charioteer to boo etc, chariot mechanics). A betting sheet has been devised, based on the zCS Meter, using the coins allocated in the accounts of those Romanum citizens who wear that meter. Further work needs to be done on the sheet. My thanks to Senator Tybalt for his assistance in this matter. - Horse Racing meetings: citizens using their own horses. Such would be open to all citizens who have a horse to ride but it requires a venue and interested citizens to run it. - Home visits: programme for organised visits to Romanum Homes, institutions and businesses. Patricians and citizens are invited to nominate their properties for visits. Hosts are asked to be present and able to provide assistance to visitors. So far one institution/building has been made available and the suggestion is to also talk to the Palace Manager about including the Palace. Contact Ras Parthicus if you wish to join the project. - Welcome Centre: to date there have been 1026 visitors to the Centre since 19 June 2019 - The next meeting of the Plebeian Assembly will be held 22 September 2019 at 8am SLT in the Pompeii Court House. Your attendance is always welcome. IV. BUSINESS FROM THE FLOOR Prince Jin has recently moved to a distant province and cannot be at this meeting. He, as Palace Manager, is asking that each Family within Romanum send a servus to undertake duties at the Palace for a month. The families would be asked on a rotating schedule. For example Parthicus October, then Phoenix November so on and so forth. Duties would include assisting at banquets, symposiums, rp events, dances, balls. I have discussed this with the Emperor and he likes the idea. Jin would like feedback on the idea please. Next Senate meeting Sunday 13OCT2019 at 11am. Gratitude, Ix Parthicus ἸΞΊΩΝ ΠΑΡΘΙΚΟΣ Senate Scribe